What's Campus Party?

Campus Party is the greatest technological experience of the world which brings together young geeks in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, entrepreneurship & entertainment.

They were at Campus Party

4abbd15718989c1.png Al Gore
45th US VP.
6ce91e006dabdcb.png Vinton Cerf
Internet Father
497e1af7d981999.png Tim Berners-Lee
Inventor of WWW
fe466c5d9eecd3e.png Steve Wozniak
Apple Co-Founder
img.jpg Jon "maddog" Hall
Ex-Director of Linux Int.
96c5fee2d7e0a08.png Bruce Dickinson
Iron Maiden vocalist
91a52dba86441ae.png Buz Aldrin
American astronaut
a898ac72abd7f07.png Kevin Mitnick
IT Security Ccnsultant
278b8593c5adf48.png Neelie Kroes
Dutch politician
6fe0c53382677a4.png Michiu Kaku
Theoretical physicist
004c516248d52808f769caec5468d68a.jpeg Guy Kawasaki
Apple Evangelist
eb666dc171e54a5c22cb61ea3821fbf6.png Radia Perlman
Internet Mother
cr.jpg Chris Anderson
3D entrepreneur
marc.jpg Marc Randolph
Netflix Co-Founder
ben.jpg Ben Hammersley
Futurist & Journalist
ab6ece35ecf6bc8.png Zack King
em.jpg Oliviero Toscani
047f6a2cf7d47e2.png Rahaf Harfoush
Digital Anthropologist
295044f6d909114.png Camile François
Experte on Cyberwar
bl.jpg Blake Irving
Go Daddy Director

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Opinion Leaders
Web Celebrities

Startups founders,
investors & mentors

Skilled studentes
young professionals

Gadget fans,
tech early adoptes

Campus Party presents

The Campus Party 2016 will serve to present cutting-edge technological innovations that will transform the main economic sectors on the planet in the coming decades, causing a revolution as the world has never before known; the advent of the Internet will be nothing compared with what remains to be seen.

Inspire and prepare the Campuseros and the cities on the challenge of being neuralgic part of the changes that humanity will live in the coming years.

#Energy #Production #Telecommunications #Transport #Employment #Cities #Society #Economy #Life

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