Local Organizers


Our strength lies in the quality of our Partners. We know and recognize the valuable and outstanding role our local organizers play in our global achievements.
All our Partners have contributed to the worldwide expansion of Campus Party, and continue to work towards our share the success.

Our Local Organizers

Country: Argentina
Company: Xosper S.A
Director: Lars Janson
Website: Argentina
Coming Edition: #CPAR1
Country: Brazil
Company: MCI
Director: Antonio Novaes
Website: Brazil | Recife | Minas Gerais
Editions realized: #CPBR9 | #CPRecife5 |
Country: India
Company: CIM Global
Director: ..
Website: India
Coming Edition: #CPIN1
Country: Colombia
Company: MCI
Director: Ricardo Coelho
Website: Colombia
Edition realized: #CPCO8
Country: Costa Rica
Company: Mad Events, S.A.
Director: ..
Website: Costa Rica
Editions realized: #CPCR1
Country: Ecuador
Company: Contact us
Website: Ecuador
Editions realized: #CPEC5
Country: El Salvador
Company: Contact us
Website: El Salvador
Editions realized: #CPSLV1
Country: Italy
Company: Giast Events
Director: Stefano Cagnoni
Website: Italy
Coming Editions: CPIT1
Country: Mexico
Company: Ok Campus
Director: Raul Martin
Website: Mexico | CPNight
Editions realized: #CPMX8 | #CPNight
Country: Portugal
Website: Portugal
Coming Edition: #CPPT1
Country: The Netherlands
Company: Jaarbeurs
Director: Antonio Novaes
Website: NL
Edition realized: #CPEU4



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Roderick Wijsmuller
Campus Party Europe in The Netherlands

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Want to become a Campus Party local organizer?

Unlock the full potential of hosting a Campus Party!
We have the experience and passion for helping you to deliver a Campus Party that people will be talking about for years to come. You will receive advice on the planning and on the development of your project. Our global team of experts will be on hand to assist you in every step of the way in order to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Partnering with Campus Party can deliver a number of benefits for your company such as:

  • Position your organization on a global stage
  • Associate your brand with a leading event company
  • Increase your Brand exposure and enhance your business reputation as an innovative firm which is fostering talents and entrepreneurship
  • Engage people in thematics that are relevant to your cause or industry
  • Develop valuable relationships with new prospects, partners, and clients
  • Promote active improvement of innovation, technology, science, creativity and digital entertainment
  • Networking with other local businesses and local/national government
  • Grow your business and ideas

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We are looking for Local Organizers that aim to establish the largest successful Campus Party ever.

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