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Campus Party was founded in 1997 with the huge, but necessary, goal of bringing together once a year the best talent in the Internet, to share experiences, learn and build a better tomorrow.

With the popularization of Internet technology over the years, we have observed that Internet is used for legitimate purposes and not so. The same technology can provide access to a great source of knowledge and content sharing or can be used to harm, either consciously or as part of a game.

The civic and respectful use of the network becomes a priority nowadays. In addition of having fun and learning during the week-long celebration of Campus Party, it’s time to act and be responsible, making our contribution, using technology to benefit mankind and demonstrating that Internet isn’t a network of computers, but people.

It’s time to start a movement to raise awareness and to initiate and enhance #somethingbetter.

For months, Campus Party’s team, along with colleagues and friends from around the world, have been developing a founding manifesto on which we have agreed to a specific goal and created a wonderful project: the volunteer technology program "GeeksansFrontieres" in truly needed countries. We are developing this ambitious project with other friend organizations.

As campuseros we can be a key group for change. We have the knowledge, will and a powerful scope, which means a great responsibility in order to change the world for good. We say it constantly, but rarely we have this unique opportunity to translate it into concrete actions.

Together, via #somethingbetter, we can make a positively and long term difference, in many people lives.

In the coming weeks, we will begin an open process to determine together actions to take, to make this world a better place, through the founding manifesto. Paco Ragageles, Belinda Galiano, Pablo Antón, founders of Campus Party, plus a lot of friends who are helping,

Thanks everyone,Wink

If you want to join the somethingbetter iniciative, contact us trough somethinbetter@campus-party.org

Presentation. January 17th /2011 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Paco Ragageles and José María Álvarez-Pallete

Paco Ragageles e José María Álvarez-Pallete

On January 17th at Campus Party Brazil 2011, Paco Ragageles co-founder of Campus Party and José María Álvarez-Pallete President of Telefonica Latam,   made the presentation of the iniciative for first time  at Campus Party Brazil. Watch the Webcast on CampusTV.


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