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If it’s new, it’s at Campus Party: hundreds of hours
of activities that create future trends, all in a highly
enjoyable atmosphere.

Talks (interviews and BarCamp), workshops,
challenges (Hackathon, Call for Ideas, and
CPHack), and immersive experiences that
challenge you to grow, learn, and transform.
Our stages welcome everyone’s stories, knocking
down barriers and getting rid of formalities.


Vitural reality, Blockchain, Makers, IoT, Cyborgs, Software development, Programming languages, Securuty, Open Source, Augmented Reality, Telecommunication, Innovation Policies, 2d and 3d graphics, 3 printing, Advertising, Audio, Blogging, Multimedia, Photography, Video Editing, Social Networks, Aerospace, Astrophysics, Biotechnolog, Robotics, Chemistry, Genetic engineering, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Pharmaceutical, Philosophy, Phisics, Gaming, LAN PArty, Gamification, Game desiggn, Mobile Gaming, Testing, Edutainment, Voice Over, Startus, Capital Ventures, Investors, Incubators, Growth hacing, Crowdfunding, Green economy, E-commerce, Monetization strategies, and many more


Slide "I think being in an event like Campus Party where people are celebrating technology, innovation, imagination, and collaboration… is a great ecosystem" Jason Silva TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker Slide "What's the future of the Internet? Well, whatever those kids in the Campus Party wants to do, that's the future of the Internet!" Vinton Cerf Chief Internet Evangelist at Google Slide "That ability to come to an event to have fun and to pick up some skills and maybe design something on your own, start a company, you know… this is exactly the sort of critical mass of people and passion… that leads to entrepreneurship." Chris Anderson Entrepreneur, author of The Long Tail Slide “I think that Campus Party brings together light mind and students and shows that being a nerd and being a programmer is cool!” GUY KAWAZAKI Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist

Exceptional speakers, innovators, “destroyers”: they’re all Campuseros!
The greatest fans of the Campus Party philosophy.

Apple co-founder
Steve Wozniak
Inventor of the World Wide Web
Tim Berners-Lee
Former Vice President of the EC
Neelie Kroes
Father of the internet
Vinton Cerf
Novelist, writer and lyricist
Paulo Coelho
Mother of the Internet
Radia Perlman
Singer and entrepreneur
Bruce Dickison
Linux Institute
Jon Hall
Buzz Aldrin
Physicist and cosmologist
Stephen Hawking
Former U.S. Vice President
Al Gore
Apple Evangelist
Guy Kawasaki

Be a
Nominate yourself or someone else as a can’t-miss speaker! If you receive the most votes from Campuseros you will be part of the official program, appearing on Campus Party stages. The best stories about innovation and creativity come from you. NOMINATE

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