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Creatives and visionaries, geeks and nerds,

Together, we rewrite the source

The largest concentration of

innovators per square foot (IFt²).

dreamers and "demolishers".

code of change and re-imagine how

Open Innovation gets done.

A continuous dialog with the Campuseros in unconventional and informal ways for a simple and effective interaction.
It’s a winning model that gives opportunities to the best talents, and gives organizations an exciting channel for innovation.

Hackathon, Call for Ideas, CPHack, and other competitions of skill and creativity stimulate Campuseros to find innovative solutions, making them prime movers in shaping the future.

Mine the unconventional perspectives of Campuseros. Millennials and Post-Millennials share their views on current products and services as well as possible trends of tomorrow.

Expert managers of structured companies in a full immersion of Campus Party content, experience, and community: a stimulating environment steeped with innovation.

A unique method for identifying the best talent at Campus Party. Talent is evaluated not only on what they say they can do, but on what they actually do.


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